Thursday, 8 December 2016

Uproar on the coming Singleton Bypass


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After a meeting on Tuesday, Singleton Council and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services collectively decided on the route and design of the new bypass through the Singleton area.

With the preferred option now out in the open, the Singleton council are working closely with the State Government to ensure the design incorporates and attends to the needs of the local area.

However, with all route options considered, residents are showing concern to the exact placement of the bypass allegedly crossing through some of their properties.

Mayor of Singleton, Sue Moore says “Council is extremely happy that a decision has been made on the route which will allow this much-needed project to progress”.

“However, there are implications for our residents as well as council in terms of our Local Environment Plan (LEP) and planning strategies”.

“Council will be looking to work with the NSW Government and RMS to ensure the design meets the needs of our community and provides opportunities for our businesses and the economy”, she says.


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Finks bikie gang raids


Police have raided five Hunter properties in Thornton, Lambton, Branxton, Cameron Park and Kearsley this morning with alleged links to the Finks bikie gang.

The raids follow a brawl at the Fire Station Hotel in Wallsend last Friday where it's alleged men with links to the Finks were involved in a brawl with several other men.

The Cameron Park property is believed to be the clubhouse of the gang.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Labor Promises to Save our Koalas


Opposition Leader Luke Foley says the dwindling Koala population on the State's North coast would be protected in newly created national parks to help stop the very real prospect of the species becoming extinct in NSW.

Koala numbers in NSW represent just ten percent of the nation's Koalas, with that figure dropping lower each year.

Our beloved Koala is internationally recognisable and generates more than 2 billion dollars in tourism each year.

The opposition's plan would see Eucalyptus forests that are home to significant Koala populations, assessed for priority additions.

In addition to protecting the remaining Koala population, the proposed national parks would become major tourism hubs and attract thousands of tourists both national and international.

Luke Foley has called on the government to adopt this policy to save the national icon.

"We face the real prospect of Koalas becoming extinct in the wild in our state within the next couple of years".

"My challenge to Mr Baird is to adopt Labor's policy to save the Koalas."

Greens Question the Benefit of Light Rail


The NSW Greens have requested for Newcastle's light rail project to be investigated.

An auditor-general report found the Sydney CBD light rail heralded multiple problems.

The Sydney project cost about an extra $500 000 to construct, mainly due to incorrect pricing and omissions in the business case.

The Greens transport spokesperson Mehreen Faruqui says she believes there are similarities between the two light rails.

"The report was pretty clear saying there was poor planning, ... mismanagement, and that the community was actually misled on that project... What I suspect is that similar issues are also quite apparent in the Newcastle light rail."

Source: ABC
The Newcastle community, experts, and business owners have repeatedly made vocal their concerns for the project.

However, the government have still continued their planning without the acceptance of local citizens.

Mehreen Faruqui says that their concerns, "have fallen on deaf ears".

The Greens wish for the NSW auditor-general to assess the Newcastle light rail project so that a comprehensive assessment can be legitimised.

They believe this will then provide the Newcastle community with the actual cost and benefit of the new transportation.

BREAKING! Police Hunt For 3 Men Over Violent Armed Robbery At East Maitland


Police are searching for three men involved in a violent armed robbery at an East Maitland hotel last night.

The trio entered the back door of the Hunter River Hotel in Melbourne Street at about 10.00pm armed with a baseball bat, knife and shotgun.

They threatened staff and the three remaining patrons, hitting one with the bat and pushing him to the floor.

The men stole money from the cash registers along with two purses from female staff members before escaping via the back door.

Central Hunter Police established a crime scene which has been examined by detectives and forensic officers.

Police say all three men had their faces covered.

Anyone with information which can assist detectives is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Community Services down over industrial action


Industrial action by the Community and Public Sector Union has left many residents unable to access valuable services including Centrelink, Medicare and child support services.

The strikes are planned for Monday and Friday this week, with the union flagging for more action next week.

Customer payouts are not expected to be affected, although residents have been advised to delay any non-urgent business until sometime later in the week.

Customers are also encouraged to use online services instead through their myGov account.

General Manager for the Department of Human Services Hank Jongen has assured residents they are working hard to minimise disruption.

"We are focused on making sure staff are available to help people who are in financial hardship and need immediate assistance".

"We appreciate the community's patience during this time".

Alabanese Urges Turnbull Government To Get On With Glendale


Shadow Federal Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese is calling on the Turnbull government to fund the completion of the Glendale Transport Interchange.

Work started last year on re-aligning Glendale Drive and extending Stockland Drive, however there's still no commitment from the state or federal governments to build the Pennant Street Bridge over the rail line at Cardiff or the interchange itself.

Anthony Albanese says the Federal Government must at least match Labor's $13-million  commitment made before the July election.

"And I'm here to call upon the federal government to do the right thing and to fund the completion of the Glendale Interchange. This is a vital project. For every dollar invested there will be more than $100 returned to the national economy," he said.

Anthony Albanese